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Our Promise is to meet and exceed your search requirements.  We take the time to communicate with you and provide you with the personal attention you require and deserve. 


Thorough attention is given to the needs of your position and your company.  From defining the role and duties to compensation. 


Once the requirements are set in place we begin our search process.  This entails the review and screening of  thousands of potential candidates. Then we begin to further 

screen potential employees through an interview process which will determine if the candidate is a good fit for your company needs.


When we find a candidate who meets the requirements you have set forth, we begin the introduction phase.  This begins with Cyber Solutions introducing the candidates resume, background information, skill set and personality characteristics.  If after the initial introduction it's determined that we have a good match, we will move on to the interview process where employee and employer meet.


Cyber Solutions goal is to maintain strong communication between the candidate the company.  It is only through open communication that we can unite employee and employer. Hence, creating a best working relationship for everyone.